Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Enclosed Water Systems

We undertake pre-commissioning cleaning of new and existing enclosed water pipework systems.  We can carry out this work either by chemical treatment of the system with removal of contaminents by flushing the effluent to drain or by the ‘Hydrosphere’ process of the controlled filling of the system and filtering the water in circulation.

We also offer to sterilise domestic water systems to meet potable water standards.

The established procedure for pre-commission cleaning of closed waster systems in the UK is based upon Codes of Practice prepared and promulgated by the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA).  The current guide is BG29/2020 ‘Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems’.

Pre-commission cleaning is normally achieved through a process of flushing and chemical cleaning followed by introduction of biocides and inhibitors.

Hydrosphere ®

Euroflo Group Limited is a licensed contractor to undertake closed water system water cleaning using the Hydrosphere® process.

The Hydrosphere® process can offer a time saving alternative to regular flushing procedures, with the omission of a biocide wash and back-flushing of terminal units. This process enables pre-commissioning cleaning of systems with minimal water consumption and effluent discharge. It therefore can offer benefits where there are constraints on water supply and drainage.

Sterilisation Of Domestic Water Systems

The current standard for potable water standards is BS EN 806 Specification for installations inside buildings conveying water for human consumption, together with BS8558: 2015 Guidance.

Water Quality Monitoring

Monitoring, inspection and sampling should be carried out on all domestic water and closed water systems at regular intervals, preferably within an established maintenance/control programme, based upon appropriate risk assessments, to confirm the maintained quality.

All sampling is carried out in accordance with BS 8552:2012 ‘Sampling and Monitoring of Water from Building Services Closed Systems: Code of Practice’.

All bacterial samples are tested by independent UKAS accredited laboratories.

Hydrosphere ®

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