The boom in large scale residential developments, particularly in Greater London often utilizing high rise construction and centralized district heating/cooling systems has brought mainstream building services into domestic housing.

The scope of buildings incorporate a wide range from very high value luxury homes to community housing, often combined within the same development.

We have had the privilege to work on many of these projects providing water treatment and commissioning services to individual phases of a project or site wide, including the energy generation centres and district piped distribution networks.

Some of the mix-use and residential projects to which we have provided our water treatment and commissioning services are:

One Hyde Park, DeVere Gardens, Rathbone Square, Aldgate Place, Alto Village, Wembley, Royal Wharf,  Sovereign Court, Harbour Central, Lillie Square, LFWE Project Loop, The Madison, Goodluck Hope, Riverdale Building, Shard Apartments, Fruit and Wool Exchange, Southbank Place, Wembley E01 & 02

Glass fronted buildings forming One Hyde Park where our water treatment and commissioning services were carried out

One Hyde Park

Redbrick and Sandstone building forms the London Fruit Exchange

Fruit Exchange

Stunning pillared lounge in shades of white with vaulted ceilings

Janes Harbour, Barbados

Apartment building forming De Vere Gardens, London, we conduct water sampling tests

DeVere Gardens

Lillie Square

The Dumont building viewed from across the water. The development comprises four elements of varying heights and orientations, some being 30 storeys.

The Dumont

Riverdale Building, multi-storey apartment buildings with treelined avenue

Riverdale Building

Royal Wharf

Royal Wharf

Alto village, multi-storey dwellings with landscaped gardens.

Alto Village

The Madison

The Madison

Northwood Barracks in twilight. We have carried out our water treatment services here

Northwood Barracks

Harbour Central, we have provided services on individual phases of a project or site wide

Harbour Central