Data Centres

Data Centres

We have specialised in undertaking the pre-commissioning cleaning of closed water systems together with commissioning of the associated environmental engineering systems incorporated within data centres.

The specialist engineering systems provided for data centres have a configuration determined by the critical nature of their function together with the need to handle large sensible cooling loads.  These often incorporate high flow cooling water systems with a high level of resilience to maintain operating space temperatures in machine rooms.

The large volume cooling systems often present major water treatment problems during pipework pre-commission cleaning when using standard flushing and chemical cleaning techniques.  In accord with the normal processes it is necessary to achieve the required pipework flushing water velocities, large pumped water volumes are needed and also incur large volumes of effluent discharge.

As licensed contractors the Hydrosphere filling and cleaning system resolves both of these problems utilising normal water circulation and the filtration of system water thus eliminating the need for effluent discharge.  This is especially effective if the invert level of the system pipework is below external mains drainage.


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