Olympic Campus

Olympic Campus

2012 Olympic Stadium, London

The Stadium has a capacity of 80,000 during the Games with 25,000 permanent seats in its permanent lower tier, and a temporary lightweight steel and concrete upper tier holding a further 55,000 spectators that can be removed after the Games.  Facilities for athletes within the Stadium include changing rooms, medical support facilities and an 80m warm-up track. Spectator services, refreshments and merchandise outlets are located outside the venue on a ‘podium’ that surrounds the Stadium.

Olympic Stadium Transformation

Substantial changes to the structure and contained engineering services have been instigated to convert the stadium for future multi-use and as a Premier League football venue.

Euroflo Group Ltd undertook a full water treatment contract for the building engineering services on both projects together with commissioning of all air conditioning, ventilation LTHW heating and chilled water distribution systems throughout the complex.