Hydrosphere Process

Euroflo Group Ltd is a licensed contractor for the Hydrosphere system which enables us to offer a sustainable solution for pre-commission cleaning and water treatment for installed building services pipework systems, without the need to flush to drain large quantities of contaminated water.

This process comprises two essential elements being:

• Pre-treatment of the system fill water
• Dynamic system cleaning via closed loop circuitry.

Fill Process

All water entering the system is treated using a specialist high efficiency multi-stage filling rig incorporating BioBlock technology to prevent the corrosion cycle and microbial activity. This eliminates the introduction of harmful microbial contaminants and together with the supplementary treatment chemicals prevents the system being prematurely damaged.

A specialist trained engineer operates the fill rig and monitors and controls all the system make-up water whilst constantly checking the system chemistry and bacteriological activity. Samples are also taken for independent UKAS accredited laboratory testing.

System pressure testing can be carried out once the system is full.

No further introduction of water is necessary to the system so this process permits the commencement of the Hydrosphere process which also avoids the subsequent discharge of any effluent or fouled water.

The Hydrosphere cleaning process

The system is flushed at high velocity in accordance with BSRIA BG29/2012 Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems recommendations.

The installation is cleaned using high efficiency filtration units and the system water is progressively passed through the varying grades of filters. Flow rates are not constrained by availability of incoming water supply or drainage facilities which thus can often considerably reduce programme periods by maximising system cleaning flow rates.