Equinix IBX Data Centre LD6, Slough

The LD6 Data centre is of 86,000ft2 floor space with room for 1,385 cabinets and is connected to two existing data centres on the same campus, and is the only UK LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) centre to be constructed.

A centralized mass air cooling system is installed with indirect heat exchange and natural ventilation facilitating the maximum use of free cooling.  Indirect evaporative cooling air handling units allow segregation between the internal and external air paths.

The supply air systems from the multiple (IEC) air handling units maintains a constant supply air temperature within the raised floor plenums.  The data halls fresh air, humidity control and pressurisation are provided via separate roof mounted air handling units.

Heat rejection is achieved by a mixture of technologies, which include plate heat exchangers, evaporative (adiabatic) heat exchangers and a central chilled water system.

Euroflo Group Ltd have carried out the pre-commisioning flushing and chemical cleaning of the enclosed water systems and the regulation and balancing of the mechanical engineering services.