We undertake the commissioning of all building engineering services systems including:

  • Enclosed water circulating systems
  • Air handling plant and distribution
  • Heat generation plant
  • Central refrigeration systems
  • Process heating and cooling systems
  • The commissioning, regulation and balancing of all mechanical mass flow systems is normally carried in accordance to established UK industry standards, as defined under CIBSE Codes of Practice and BSRIA Application Guides.

We will undertake instructions to act from project design to completion relating to all commissioning activities. We can adapt our services to meet our client’s requirements. The scope of works may include, whole or in part:

  • Validation of existing systems
  • Design for commissionability
  • Commissioning programme development and co-ordination of trades
  • Installation quality assurance by inspection
  • Pre-commissioning surveys
  • Commissioning and system regulation
  • Witnessing compliance
  • Environmental checks
  • Documentation and handover.

We accept instructions from the project client/end user, main/lead contractor or the services installation contractor, as may be appropriate.

The purpose of commissioning is to ensure that an engineering services installation, when completed, operates in conformity with the design specification performance criteria. It is important to recognise that the commissioning process commences at the design stage, when the design should incorporate the facilities and features that are required to enable the commissioning to be successfully completed.

Commissioning is probably one of the single most important phase in the development of a project, where all design and construction parties are brought together to bring an installation to life and then to completion.