EON Citigen

EON CitigenEON Citigen operates a power generation and district heating and cooling system which serves City Corporation premises and has been further extended to serve private customers.

The system is based at a central power station near Smithfield Market constructed behind the retained façade of a former cold store. It supplies heat (as hot water) to 10 of the City Corporation’s properties, including Guildhall, Smithfield Market and the Barbican Centre, via an underground pipe network together with a number of additional private/commercial premises.

Cooling (as chilled water for air conditioning systems) is also provided to properties via a separate parallel underground pipe network. Chilled water is generated mainly by absorption chillers which utilise heat from the engines as their main energy source.

Electricity generated is conveyed to the local distribution grid through Citigen’s parent group.

The plant is undergoing a major refurbishment to enlarge the plant capacity and replace the existing generators. Euroflo Group Ltd is undertaking the water treatment of all piped services within the Energy Centre as a specialist subcontractor to the project mechanical and electrical services contractor, Imtech Engineering Services Ltd.

The CHP plant and CHP piped circuit has been installed by Edina UK Ltd and EGL has also undertaken the chemical cleaning of the CHP circuit, under a separate contract.

Euroflo Group Ltd has also been appointed as approved water treatment specialist subcontractor to EON UK plc, for other projects.