Aldgate Place, London

Aldgate Place, LondonAldgate Place incorporates residential, hotel, office and commercial space.

Accommodating 463 units of mixed tenure, the three residential towers of 22, 25 and 26 storeys have kite shaped plans related to configuration of local streets.  The kite shapes air internal layouts, providing a high proportion of dual aspect apartments.  The heights of the 23 and 25 storey towers are determined by their relationship to the Tower of London backdrop.

Primary engineering services are feed from a central energy centre providing low temperature hot water heating, chilled water, domestic boosted cold water supply.  The energy centre is based upon the operation of CHP units with gas boiler support for provision of heating and two water cooled chillers delivering primary chilled water..

The services within each residential units are supplied by an individual heat interface units serving underfloor heating, domestic hot water to sanitaryware, together with a chilled water heat interface unit serving room mounted four pipe fan coil units.

Euroflo Group Ltd have carried out the pre-commissioning flushing and chemical cleaning of the enclosed water systems, regulation and balancing of the mechanical engineering services and sterilisation of domestic services and separately to the energy centre and district heating and cooling distribution networks.